A song Artist is a very Importants, to Everyone, or to some people, because sometimes, when or if, we are feeling down, any Music can lift you, and I, and then we  start to feeling much better, and it really truly, lifts up our Spirits, and we beganing to feeling much much better, and I truly knowing that, know matter what! we are going through in our Lives, Music will do. And we truly knowing that our Savior God! Can make good things happening,to you, and I, because Our Father Lord, God, and Jesus! Can Make All things possible, If  We Just believe, in my Lord. And so, Do you! Believe !! Because Their Isn't Nothing! that God! Can Not Do!  Do you believe in Him! And do you trust in Him?

The Gospel/Christian Musical !

bro. Ervin L. Swan lll
in the song Artist Gallery

"Spending time with Ervin"

Established in 1977, Father God In Heaven has an impressive collection of fine art, masterpieces, and modern art. Originally the gallery catered to high-end collectors from around the California areas; however, over the last 17, plus years we've branched out - embracing Everyone who loves listening from across the spectrum. We're as much of a Spiritual  Gospel Christian Musical Praise and Worship, and Original songs, and Praising our holy Father God in Heaven, and  He has been exposing new avenues on the  artist education as we are a nondenonminational Christian Gospel  Ministry, outreach Musical community, programs and bible study services,to youth and Adults from around the greater California, areas and now have, and are reaching around the World!

With so far, over 35, songs  separate showrooms on the  artist's loft, we not only host exhibits and artist showcases, we open the Artist gallery to the World,  and artist history talks, on local and World wide, Internet Televisions, and Radio show host, right to your home, We've been known to even invite you to just relaxed in your home and enjoy the Christian Gospel Musical, Every Sunday Night,  and we will enjoy you, into your home.  we're all about celebrating  the Artist: bro. Ervin L. Swan lll, from across the entire World,  Knowing that Their isn't  Nothing  that  God  Can  Not   Do!                                                     If we  Just  believes!